About me and SD Lakes and Rivers

I am a male, 63 years of age and have been fishing for 61 of those years. I lived in Lake Preston, South Dakota for 6 or 7 years and fished all the lakes in the area quite regularly.

Mostly I fished Lake Thompson tho as that's where my house was. I'm very familiar with the area right out in front of Vantage Point as I lived there on the lake. I also did a lot of fishing from my dock.

Trolling the Vantage point area can be really good and if you see the cedar house with the big deck right out a cast length from shore is where I caught a ton of fish.

All of my neighbors did quite well fishing in front of their houses too. Bass, crappies, perch, northern, walleyes, carp and bullheads were all caught from my dock.

I also run the fishing forum at SouthDakotaFishing.com and you can pick up some good info there. All the people on the forum are quite helpful and it is family friendly.

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