Resources for SD Lakes

These are all great places in South Dakota and I've used the vast majority of them at one time or another. The GF&P website is filled with information for you and is a great resource.

The Walleye Wrangler is one of the best guides for fishing on Lake Thompson or Lake Francis Case. Real nice guy and he can really put you on the fish, fast. You'll have a great time with him and catch a lot of fish. So if you need a great guide please visit his site to get set up.

Buying a fishing boat Some good information for the beginning boater and even an expert might learn something from this site.

Mikes SD Lake Maps If you need the best maps you can find then head over to Mikes and get what you need. These are some of the best maps I've ever seen and are invaluable for fishing some of South Dakotas premiere Eastern Lakes.

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