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South Dakota - where Great Family Memories Begin

When you're wondering where to take your family on your next great vacation - choose South Dakota. It's a state filled with family-friendly venues for kids of all ages. What's more, you can enjoy some of mother nature's best gifts positioned perfectly under a great mid-western sky. When you buy South Dakota timeshares you'll be creating a childhood filled with wonderful memories of family times together.

South Dakota is a great a family fishing vacation destination too. Buy timeshares and make it an annual family trip that your kids will remember for years to come. Whether you like to fish for trout, pike, crappie, walleyes, bluegills or catfish, the South Dakota lakes district is a great four season fishing destination.

Even the kids who don't like fishing will have plenty to do because the state boasts fantastic lakes for swimming and other warm weather activities. South Dakota timeshares are available near the Black Hills and the western region of the state too. If you want a break from fishing, try a day trip to nearby Mt. Rushmore. Besides being inspired by the incredible sculpture set into the face of the mountain, you can  see the Crazy Horse Memorial still under construction nearby. Or purchase some of that famous Black Hills gold for a lot cheaper than you can get back in your town.

Book South Dakota timeshare rentals in the middle of the state and enjoy the Great Lakes region. Or perhaps you'd like to have some fun and visit the Corn Palace or take a ride on the 1880 train and travel back through time. There are a million things to do in South Dakota.

From the wild animal parks, the gator parks, caves and mines to looking for agates on Lake Thompson. There is seomething for everyone, hunters, fishermen, explorerers, shoppers and excitement seekers. I highly recommend you stop at Wall Drug if you want to see one of the worlds best advertised tourist traps. Actually the prices aren't that bad but it still exist only for tourists.

Of course South Dakota's history is even more inspiring than Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial put together. Here you'll find tales of gold miners, settlers, and Native Americans all converging to creating today's South Dakota. You can even visit the trail of Lewis and Clark. Time shares don't get any closer to the action than this.

So come for the history, stay for the adventure and you'll always remember the beauty of your vacation in South Dakota and don't forget to checout the timeshares while you are here.

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